Tools for YANG

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YANG Tools

YANG Catalog: A set of tools to aid in the development of YANG

pyang: YANG validator, transformator and code generator, written in python. It can be used to validate YANG modules for correctness, to transform YANG modules into other formats, and to generate code from the modules.
Some install help can be found here –> Cygwin

Some useful tools

Cygwin Unix-like environment for windows.  Look at the pyang install guide linked above to see what packages need to be added

Git Revision Control

GitHub Online Repository that uses Git

Git Usage Example

Eclipse and Papyrus Eclipse is a development environment and Papyrus is a UML tool.  There are tools that can used to generate YANG code from a UML model.
Guidelines for using Papyrus and UML

Notepad++ A programmers editor.  Useful for looking at source code and there are many plugins for syntax coding

Visual Studio Code Windows based development environment that has support for many languages