YANGsters Electronic Meeting Agenda – March 23, 2021

  • Meeting introduction (Templates)
  • Approval of agenda
  • Discussion Topic
    • Recap of YANGsters meeting at March 2021 Plenary
    • Mapping of Managed Objects to YANG constructs (Contribution needed)
    • Mac Address Update
  • Review Issues List
  • Any Issues for upcoming calls?
  • Next Calls
  • Any Other Business
    • Use of prefixes. Information from YANG Doctors (Follow RFC 8407)
      • The local module prefix SHOULD be used instead of no prefix in all path expressions.
      • The local module prefix MUST be used instead of no prefix in all “default” statements for an “identityref” or “instance-identifier” data type.
      • The local module prefix MAY be used for references to typedefs, groupings, extensions, features, and identities defined in the module.