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TSN webinar: The Transport and Impact of Synchronization in Time-Sensitive Networking - An Introduction to IEEE 802.1AShttps://engagestandards.ieee.org/TSN-Webinar-Series.html~2022-01-28https://www.linkedin.com/posts/glennwparsons_ieee-smartmanufacturing-automotive-activity-6892204577924743168-ByEA
TSN Fronthaulhttps://beyondstandards.ieee.org/how-time-sensitive-networking-benefits-fronthaul-transport/2021-09-09802.1CM TSN for Fronthaul sets the precedent for a series of TSN Toolset profiles for a wide range of industry applications, including industrial automation, automotive Ethernet, and aerospace Ethernet. Read about how it works and what to expect at https://ieeesa.io/3z64M4p. #802tsn #ieee8021 #802standards
IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1)https://lnkd.in/ggDbSUWC2021-09-08Join us for #IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (#IEEE 802.1) https://lnkd.in/ggDbSUWC

This webinar will give an introduction to the market relevant standards of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group. This group was created over 40 years ago and developed the base architecture and bridging standards for IEEE 802 technologies. While MAC bridging has evolved into VLAN bridging it has also been enhanced with features supporting time-sensitive networking (TSN). In addition, the WG has also developed other higher layer standards including link aggregation (LAG), link discovery (LLDP), encryption (MACsec) and authentication (1X). Recently the group has developed profiles of TSN features for specific verticals.

Register now: https://lnkd.in/ggDbSUWC

This webinar would be of particular interest to those in the following industries:
#SmartManufacturing, #Mobility #Automotive #IndustrialAutomation #Aerospace

Glenn Parsons
#ieee8021 #ieeetsn #802
IEEE 802 Nendica Report: Intelligent Lossless Data Center Networkshttps://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/94572382021-07-082021-07-08New "IEEE 802 Nendica Report: Intelligent Lossless Data Center Networks" published: https://bit.ly/3xteTzv. This report explores networking technologies to support the requirements of modern data center networks including high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications. #ieee802 #nendica
Cut-through forwarding Tutorialhttps://bit.ly/2TwvHq22021-06-072021-06-07Check out this July 7 IEEE 802 tutorial on Cut-Through Forwarding (CTF) among Ethernet Networks, organized by the IEEE 802.1 Working Group and IEEE 802 Nendica. Free to join! Learn about cut-through application areas and use-cases, review latency considerations, and hear ideas for standardizing CTF in IEEE 802. #ieee802 #nendica https://bit.ly/2TwvHq2
Call for Participation, 802.1DP (TSN Aerospace)https://1.ieee802.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/P802.1DP-CFP.html2021-02-11IEEE 802.1 TSN Task Group Calls for Participation on development of recently launched IEEE P802.1DP "TSN for Aerospace Onboard Ethernet Communications" project (https://1.ieee802.org/tsn/802-1dp) #802tsn #ieee8021
WSTS Tutorialhttps://mentor.ieee.org/802-ec/dcn/21/ec-21-0020-00-00EC-mar-2021-tutorial-abstract.pdf2021-02-112021-02-27Upcoming March 2 tutorial on principles and techniques of network synchronization for TSN and beyond, organized by the IEEE 802.1 Working Group along with Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS). Free to join!  #802tsn #ieee8021
Comments on (Draft) Nendica Report: Intelligent Lossless Data Center Networkshttps://1.ieee802.org/nendica-DCN/2021-01-222021-02-13IEEE 802 "Network Enhancements for the Next Decade" activity seeks comments on draft Nendica Report covering Intelligent Lossless Data Center Networks https://1.ieee802.org/nendica-DCN/  #nendica #DataCenterNetwork
PAR Approval, 802.1DP (TSN Aerospace)https://1.ieee802.org/tsn/802-1dp/2021-01-162021-01-18IEEE 802.1 TSN Task Group kicking off development of recently approved IEEE P802.1DP TSN for Aerospace Onboard Ethernet Communications project (https://1.ieee802.org/tsn/802-1dp) at 11:30 EST on Jan 18 during the Jan 2021 IEEE 802.1 WG interim session (http://bit.ly/3nQFIIl)
The Now, Next, and New in Networking2021-01-08The Now, Next, and New in Networking
2020 IEEE SA Standards Medallion to János Farkashttps://1.ieee802.org/2020-ieee-sa-standards-medallion/2021-01-082021-01-12János Farkas, Chair of the Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Task Group of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group, has been awarded an @IEEESA Standards Medallion -- https://1.ieee802.org/2020-ieee-sa-standards-medallion/ #802standards #ieee8021 #802tsn https://bit.ly/802GetInvolved
2020 IEEE SA Emerging Technology Award to IEEE 802.1 Working Grouphttps://1.ieee802.org/2020-ieee-sa-emerging-technology-award/2021-01-082021-01-06Congrats to IEEE 802.1 WG - recipient of the IEEE-SA 2020 Emerging Technology Award for the development of IEEE Std 802.1CM™-2018 Time-Sensitive Networking - The first IEEE standard to connect a cellular network’s radio equipment to its remote controller via a packet network.
Publication, IEEE Std 802Elink to catalog2020-11-13
Publication, IEEE Std 802.1Qcrhttps://standards.ieee.org/standard/802_1Qcr-2020.html2020-11-132020-11-23IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) now supports Asynchronous Traffic Shaping for deterministic latency without time synchronization. Check out the just-published IEEE Std 802.1Qcr. #802standards #802tsn #ieee8021
Publication, IEEE Std 802.1CMdehttps://standards.ieee.org/standard/802_1CMde-2020.html2020-11-132020-11-23Check out how the new IEEE Std 802.1CMde amendment updates the IEEE Std 802.1CM-2018 Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul profile for 5G with state-of-the-art time synchronization developments. #802tsn #ieee8021
Publication, IEEE Std 802.1Qcxhttps://standards.ieee.org/standard/802_1Qcx-2020.html2020-11-13Connectivity Fault Management can now be managed with YANG. Check out the just-published IEEE Std 802.1Qcx, developed to align with industry efforts on YANG for Ethernet OAM. #802tsn #ieee8021
Publication, YANG Bloglink to blog post2020-11-202020-11-23The IEEE 802 .1 working group continues to support network operators and enterprises alike with YANG Data Models to support network management systems. Learn more in this blog post. #802standards #802tsn #ieee8021 #YANG #SDNY
Blog post, IEEE 802.1AS-2020link to blog post2020-10-27New blog by IEEE 802.1 WG Chair, Glenn Parsons. He discusses the new IEEE 802.1AS standard that will allow applications in the industrial automation and automotive sectors to use IEEE 802-based synchronization with convergence to a single standard.
September 2020 802.1 WG Interim Sessionhttps://1.ieee802.org/september-2020-electronic-meetings/2020-09-17IEEE 802.1 WG will hold its electronic Interim Session next week. Topics include TSN profiles for Industrial Automation and Automotive, YANG models, MACsec privacy and a new TSN profile for Aerospace.
Publication, Nendica Report, Flexible Factory IoT https://bit.ly/802FlexFactory2020-04-20Check out this report from IEEE 802 NENDICA - Flexible Factory IoT - Use Cases and Communication Requirements for Wired and Wireless Bridged Networks.