TSN Task Group Agenda

This page provides live agenda for face-to-face meetings, a list of upcoming calls and logistics for the calls. The agenda details of upcoming calls and past calls are available here.

The relevant posts provide the agenda of former meetings (including further 802.1 agendas and material), and former calls.

The TSN TG agenda gives precedence to formally submitted maintenance requests on published standards, approved projects, PAR (Project Authorization Request) development previously approved by the IEEE 802.1 WG, and other matters arising, in that order.

Contributions must be uploaded to the 802.1 file server and made accessible to meeting or conference call attendees before the presentation of the contribution begins.

Agenda requests

TSN agenda requests are on email basis. Please use the following format, otherwise your agenda request may be missed.

For the IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project on TSN Profile for Industrial Automation, please email ludwig.winkel@online.de and cc janos.farkas@ericsson.com. Please use the appropriate subject line in your email:
AGENDA REQUEST 60802 – CALL – $date$
AGENDA REQUEST 60802 – F2F – $meeting$

For the application of TSN to automotive in-vehicle networks, please email craiggunther@yahoo.com and janos.farkas@ericsson.com. Please use the appropriate subject line in your email:
AGENDA REQUEST Automotive – CALL – $date$
AGENDA REQUEST Automotive – F2F – $meeting$

For generic TSN topics, please email janos.farkas@ericsson.com. Please use the appropriate subject line in your email:
AGENDA REQUEST TSN – F2F – $meeting$

In the subject line of your email, please replace $date$ or $meeting$ with the appropriate value. In case of a call, please give the date you’d like to have your topic discussed, e.g.,: AGENDA REQUEST TSN – CALL – May 11, 2018. In case of a f2f meeting, please give the meeting where you’d like to have your topic discussed, e.g.,: AGENDA REQUEST TSN – F2F – Interim, May, 2019.

In the body of your email, please provide the title of your contribution, the estimated time, and your affiliation.

Please submit your agenda request at least a week before the date you would like your topic to be discussed.

July 2019 IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in Vienna, Austria

The next face-to-face meeting of the TSN TG is from Monday through Friday during the IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in Vienna, Austria, July 15-19, 2019. The first TSN meeting will start at 8:00 am on Monday.

Generic TSN topics are going to be discussed from Monday to Thursday.

The work on the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation joint project will take place from Wednesday (July 17) 8:00 am to Friday (July 19) 6:00 pm.

Conference calls

The TSN TG holds the following calls:

The agenda details or cancellations, and the minutes are announced on the IEEE 802.1 email list (you can subscribe here). The agenda is also available at the TSN calls page, from where links are also provided to the minutes.

Agenda of upcoming conference calls and minutes of past calls are available via the TSN Calls post.

Conference Call Details

Date/Time Date and time of upcoming calls are listed above.
The time is given in US Pacific Time (PT).
be careful: US daylight/summer time transition is different from the rest of the world
Meeting ID: https://join.me/ieee802.1
Meeting Code: ieee802.1
Dial-in information: United States – New York, NY +1.646.307.1990
United States – San Francisco, CA +1.415.655.0381
Canada – Ottawa +1.613.699.9318
China – Beijing +86.10.8783.3389
Finland – Helsinki +358.9.4259.9698
France – national +33.9.7518.1777
Germany – Frankfurt +49.69.9753.3131
Hong Kong – national +852.58.08.1989
Hungary – Budapest +36.1.700.8899
Israel – Tel Aviv +972.3.763.0434
Japan – Tokyo +81.3.4579.5983
Sweden – Stockholm +46.8.4030.8819
United Kingdom – London +44.33.0088.2634
United Kingdom – Manchester +44.161.820.1607
Further phone numbers
Access Code 684-645-640#
Mute/Unmute Please mute yourself when you are not speaking!
Dialing-in via a phone: mute/unmute by the *6 keypad command on the phone.
Dialing-in via the Internet: mute/unmute by clicking the microphone icon.

Participation in the TSN TG teleconference is on individual basis as for all IEEE 802 meetings.

However, each attendee must provide their full name, employer, and affiliation according to IEEE-SA rules.

Please provide all this information as part of your name when attending the join.me meeting. Please use the following format: “Given Name Family Name (Employer/Affiliation)” or “Given Name Family Name (Affiliation)” if employer and affiliation are the same. For instance: John Smith (Smith Consulting). You can change your data via the participant list in join.me. The second button from the right in the menu has a person icon. Click on this button to show the list of participants who are connected to the conference; the number of participants shows on the button itself. Clicking the button shows the participants by name. Note that when you enter the meeting for the first time from that particular computer or laptop or smart phone, you are given a generic name like Viewer 1, Viewer 2, etc. Your Viewer number (first time) or name is at the top of the list. Click on your Viewer number and enter/edit your real name, employer, and affiliation.