802.1Qcp – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: YANG Data Model

The full title of this PAR is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: YANG Data Model”.

This amendment specifies a Unified Modeling Language (UML) based information model and a YANG data model that allows configuration and status reporting for bridges and bridge components including Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges, Two-Port MAC Relays (TPMRs), Customer Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Bridges, and Provider Bridges (as specified by this standard) with the capabilities currently specified in clauses 12.4-12.8, 12.10, 12.13, and 12.19 of this standard. It further defines the relationship between the information and data model and models for the other management capabilities specified in this standard and for IEEE Std 802.1AX and IEEE Std 802.1X.

YANG (Request For Comment (RFC) 6020) is a formalized data modeling language that can be used by NETCONF, a widely accepted protocol that is being used to simplify network configuration. Other standards development organizations (e.g. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Metro Ethernet Forum) have adopted YANG, and are developing a broad range of data models. Development of a YANG data model for manageable entities specified in IEEE Std 802.1Q will support this industry wide effort.

Current Status

Status PAR approved Sep 3, 2015.
Editor Marc Holness



Date Document
27 Nov 2015 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.1
06 Dec 2015 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.2
20 Jan 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.2 proposed comment dispositions
14 May 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.3
30 Jun 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.4
05 Jul 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.2 comment dispositions
24 Jul 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.4 proposed comment dispositions
29 Jul 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.4 comment dispositions
25 Aug 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.5
11 Oct 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.6
05 Nov 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.6 proposed comment dispositions
08 Nov 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.6 proposed comment dispositions
12 Dec 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.6 comment dispositions
12 Dec 2016 802.1Qcp, Draft 0.7



Date Document
15 Jul 2015 Presentation cp-draft-1Q-YANG-par-0715-v01.pdf
15 Jul 2015 Presentation cp-draft-Qcp-csd-0715-v1.docx
10 Jul 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-YANG-Link-Aggregation-Model-Summary-0716-v12.pdf
25 Jul 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-YANG-Link-Aggregation-Model-Summary-0716-v13.pdf
28 Jul 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-Bridge-Port-YANG-0716-v04.pdf
05 Aug 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-Bridge-Port-YANG-0816-v052.pdf
21 Aug 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-Bridge-Port-YANG-0816-v053.pdf
12 Sep 2016 Presentation cp-mholness-Bridge-Port-YANG-0916-v01.pdf