Webinar – an Overview of Time-Sensitive Networking

This is the second in the IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1)

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Driving Digital Transformation through IEEE 802.1 TSN – An Overview of Time-Sensitive Networking

Recorded on Thursday, 2 December 2021

This webinar will give an introduction to the market-relevant standards of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group.  This group was created over 40 years ago and developed the base architecture and bridging standards for IEEE 802 technologies.  This webinar will give an introduction to the basics of IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), including base concepts and application areas. TSN provides deterministic data packet transport such that packets are delivered within a time window without loss or delay due to congestion or errors. The various TSN techniques are specified by a set of base IEEE 802® TSN standards, colloquially referred to as the “TSN toolset”. In order to facilitate the adoption of TSN, industry-specific “TSN profile” standards to select which of the base standards in the TSN toolset to use, and how to use them in a given industry vertical.

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