Webinar – an introduction to IEEE 802.1

This is the first in the IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1)

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The Impact of Time-Sensitive Networks – An Introduction to IEEE 802.1

Recorded On Thursday, 16 September 2021

This webinar will give an introduction to the market-relevant standards of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group.  This group was created over 40 years ago and developed the base architecture and bridging standards for IEEE 802 technologies.  While MAC bridging has evolved into VLAN bridging it has also been enhanced with features supporting time-sensitive networking (TSN).  In addition, the WG has also developed other higher-layer standards including link aggregation (LAG), link discovery (LLDP), encryption (MACsec), and authentication (1X).  Recently the group has developed profiles of TSN features for specific verticals.

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