YANGsters Guidelines

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YANGsters Electronic Meetings Information

Back to: YANGsters Electronic meetings: Every other Week on Tuesday from 10AM (US-Eastern) to 11AM (US-Eastern) YANGster Agendas 26 March 2024 – 18 June 2024 electronic meetings: JOIN WEBEX MEETING (TBD)Meeting number (access code): Meeting password:  Agenda: See https://1.ieee802.org/category/yangsters-agenda/ Electronic meetings are: 26 March (US on Daylight Savings Time, Europe not yet) 09 April — Cancelled 23… read more »


IEEE 802 YANG editors’ coordination This group is responsible for discussing common practice for YANG models supporting IEEE 802 protocols.  This common practice includes, but is not limited to, URN root, style, structure, tooling and process.  While the primary attendees are expected to be editors of existing IEEE 802 YANG projects, other experts interested in YANG… read more »

Port-Based Network Access Control
Amendment 2: YANG Data Model

This amendment specified a YANG data model that allows configuration and status reporting for port-based network access control in the scenarios described in Clause 7 of IEEE Std 802.1X and Clause 11 of IEEE Std 802.1AE, using the information model specified in clause 12.9 of IEEE Std 802.1X. This amendment also resolved maintenance items submitted… read more »

P802.1Qcp – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: YANG Data Model

The full title of this PAR is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: YANG Data Model”. This amendment specifies a Unified Modeling Language (UML) based information model and a YANG data model that allows configuration and status reporting for bridges and bridge components including Media Access Control (MAC)… read more »