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Nendica Work Item: Flexible Factory IoT [FFIoT]

Work Item Editor Nader Zein (NEC) Recirculation Call for Comments 2020-01-31 through 2020-02-15 Nendica Draft Report: “Flexible Factory IoT: Use Cases and Communication Requirements for Wired and Wireless Bridged Networks” Nendica is conducting a Recirculation Call for Comments. The scope of the recirculation is the material in Revision 5 of this Draft Nendica Report <802.1-19-0026-05-ICne>… read more »

Nendica Work Item: Lossless Data Center Networks [LLDCN]

Work Item Editor: Paul Congdon (Huawei) Published Nendica Report: 2018-08-17: IEEE 802 Nendica Report: The Lossless Network for Data Centers A summary of this activity was posted by IEEE-SA Beyond Standards as Laying the Foundation for the Lossless Data Center on 2018-12-06. Data Center Workshop with Nendica LLDCN Presentation IEEE 802/IETF Data Center Workshop – Bangkok,… read more »