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Nendica Work Item: Flexible Factory IoT [FFIOT]

Work Item Editor: Nader Zein (NEC) Pre-Draft White Paper: 2018-05-15: 802.1-18-0025-00-ICne 2018-04-11: 802.1-18-0002-05-ICne 2018-03-06: 802.1-18-0002-04-ICne 2018-02-23: 802.1-18-0002-03-ICne 2018-02-13: 802.1-18-0002-02-ICne 2018-01-10: 802.1-18-0002-01-ICne Relevant Contributions 2017-11-07 Examples of Radio Environment in the Factories – Satoko Itaya (NICT) Wired/Wireless Convergence for Factory IoT – Kenichi Maruhashi (NEC) 2017-07-11 Wireless Communications in the Manufacturing Fields – Satoko Itaya (NICT) Up to… read more »

Nendica Work Item: Lossless Data Center Networks [LLDCN]

Work Item Editor: Paul Congdon (Huawei) Call for Comments Nendica Draft Report: “The Lossless Network for Data Centers” Nendica solicits comments on 802.1-18-0007-04-ICne identical to 802.1-18-0007-02-ICne with added headers, notifications, and line numbers agreed as a Nendica Draft Report, 2018-04-11 Call for Comments period: 2018-04-13 through 2018-05-13 (Anywhere on Earth) Participation is open to all and is encouraged. Nendica will… read more »