P802.1AR-Rev: Secure Device Identity (Revision)

Full title: IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Secure Device Identity

This standard specifies unique per-device identifiers (DevID) and the management and cryptographic binding of a device to its identifiers, the relationship between an initially installed identity and subsequent locally significant identities, and interfaces and methods for use of DevIDs with existing and new provisioning and authentication protocols.

The secure device identity standardized in IEEE Std 802.1AR facilitates secure authentication of devices attached to a network, using (for example) IEEE Std 802.1X, and can be used as an enabling component of security solutions. This revision added a stronger digital signature algorithm as an option, using SHA-384 and the P-384 elliptic curve to align with the Suite B Certificate Profile (IETF RFC 5759).

The extent of the changes required by the P802.1ARce (SHA-384 and P-384 Elliptic Curve) amendment project, together with those required to update references and maintain consistency, were more appropriate to a revision and were subsumed by this project.

Current Status

Status Published as IEEE Std 802.1AR-2018
Prior drafts and dispositions of comments
PAR PAR approved February 17th, 2017.
Editor Mick Seaman