P802.1AE-Rev: MAC Security (MACsec, Revision)

Full title: IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Media Access Control (MAC) Security

IEEE 802 Local Area Networks (LANs) are deployed in networks that support mission-critical applications and a wide variety of devices, implemented and administered by different organizations, and serving customers with different economic interests. The protocols that configure, manage, and regulate access to these networks typically run over the networks themselves. Preventing disruption and data loss arising from transmission and reception by unauthorized devices is a required network capability, as it is usually not practical to secure an entire network against physical access.

This standard (MACsec) specifies provision of connectionless user data confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authenticity by media access independent protocols and entities that operate transparently to MAC Clients.

This revision project incorporates IEEE Std 802.1AE and its approved amendments IEEE Stds 802.1AEbn, 802.1AEbw, and 802.1AEcg. It will also resolve any maintenance items submitted on IEEE Std 802.1AE.

Current Status

Draft P802.1AE-Rev, Draft 1.3
Status Approved by the IEEE Standards Board September 27th, 2018.
(Next step pre-publication editing)
PAR PAR approved September 28th, 2017.
Editor Mick Seaman