November 2018 Plenary Session in Bangkok, Thailand – TSN TG Agenda

Agenda overview is available here.

Sunday: DetNetTSN workshop

The IETF DetNet WG and the IEEE 802.1 TSN TG had a workshop in Bangkok on November 11 Sunday.


  SubjectDiscussion LeaderAffiliationLength
Introduction & Meeting Objectives (IEEE-SA & IEEE 802 participation )
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Lou BergerLabN Consulting LLC20
János FarkasEricsson
Working/Task Group Overview
TSN TG overviewJános FarkasEricsson15
DetNet WG overviewLou BergerLabN Consulting LLC15
Basic Concepts and Services
TSN (with Q&A)János FarkasEricsson30
DetNet (with Q&A)Balázs VargaEricsson30
Flow Definition and Identification, QoS Service definition and parameters
TSNNorm FinnHuawei30
DetNetBalázs VargaEricsson30
Discussion: DetNet/TSN Flow/QoS mapping
Mapping between DetNet and TSNNorm FinnHuawei30
DiscussionNorm FinnHuawei40
Lunch break60
Configuration and Control
TSN: SRP, LRP, RAP, and YANGFeng ChenSiemens AG20
Norm FinnHuawei
Rodney CummingsNational Instruments
DetNet: Control plane tomorrowLou BergerLabN Consulting LLC30
DetNet: YANG todayMach ChenHuawei
DetNet and TSN securityTal MizrahiHuawei Network.IO Innovation Lab30
Applications & Use Cases
DetNet Use CasesEthan GrosmannDolby20
IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial AutomationLudwig WinkelSiemens AG20
IEC 61850-90-13 Deterministic Networking for Power AutomationMaik SeewaldCisco20
TSN for Service Provider NetworksTongtong WangHuawei20
Key Takeaways and Next Steps (last slide)Lou BrgerLabN Consulting LLC10
János FarkasEricsson

Monday: TSN with IEC/IEEE 60802

(single track)

Welcome and organizational issues, incl.: intro, participationLudwig WinkelSiemens AG15
János FarkasEricsson
AgendaLudwig WinkelSiemens AG25
János FarkasEricsson
Report on the DetNet - TSN workshop (last slide)János FarkasEricsson5
Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG
LNI4.0János FarkasEricsson5
Avnu Submissions for 60802
Status of use cases, Status of requirementsJosef DorrSiemens AG5
Status of the draftJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.5
Conformity AssessmentSteve ZuponicRockwell Automation30
Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG
Next meetingsLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
Status of the NEA on accumulated latencyJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.10

Monday: Track A: IEC/IEEE 60802

13:30-18:00PM1 & PM2
TSN Common RequirementsTaro HarimaMitsubishi Electric30
TSN-IA DomainTaro HarimaMitsubishi Electric30
Requirement StructureTaro HarimaMitsubishi Electric20
TSN – Industrial Ethernet compatibilityLihao ChenHuawei20
Enhancement considerations for flexible factories with wireless linksKenichi MaruhashiNEC50
Gap analysis in 1Qcc for enhanced mechanism for Flexible FactoriesYoshihisa KondonATR50
Traffic types and their mapping to QoS/TSN mechanismsMark HantelRockwell Automation30

Monday: Track B: Generic TSN

13:30-18:00PM1 & PM2
Incoming Liaisons:
Avnu Submissions for 60802
SG15 LS125 fronthaul
SG15 LS164 sync update
IEEE 1914
SG15 LS153 G.8021 G.8013
SG15 LS159 YANG coord
expected results of the weekJános FarkasEricsson30
P802.1CS/D1.6 TG ballot comment resolutionNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd210

Tuesday: Track A: IEC/IEEE 60802

10:30-18:00AM2, PM1, & PM2
Review Agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
Comments on use casesMarius StanicaABB50
Mark HantelRockwell Automation
Theory of Operation for TSN-enabled SystemSteve ZuponicRockwell Automation25
Bridged and non-Bridged End StationsSteve ZuponicRockwell Automation35
Rules for gates control vs. inter packet gapGünter SteindlSiemens AG40
Expected behaviour when receiving a frame containing the own MAC address as Source AddressGünter SteindlSiemens AG
Comments on Industrial Requirements V1.0Thomas EnzingerB&R85
Marius StanicaABB
Additional requirementsThomas EnzingerB&R70
Profile contributionJosef DorrSiemens AG
Review of minutes of the dayJosef DorrSiemens AG30

Tuesday: Track B: Generic TSN

10:30-18:00AM2, PM1, & PM2
IETF Sub-interface VLAN YANG Data Models Lou BergerLabN Consulting LLC30
P802.1Qcx/D0.4 TG ballot comment resolutionMarc HolnessCiena60
P802.1Qcw/D0.2 TG ballot comment resolutionMarina GutierrezTTTech60
P802.1ABcu/D0.6 and Editor's updateScott MansfieldEricsson10
P802.1AS-Rev status updateGeoff GarnerHuawei 60
802.1CBdb Generic stream identification functionChristophe ManginMitsubishi Electric60
P802.1DC and QoS in DetNetNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd45

Tuesday: 802.24 – 802.1 TSN

(single track)

18:00-18:30Utility Applications of Time Sensitive Networking White Paper reviewTim GodfreyEPRI30

Wednesday: Track A: IEC/IEEE 60802

8:00-15:00AM1, AM2, & PM1
Review Agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
Profile contributionJosef DorrSiemens AG20
Editor's report on D0.4; draftingJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.120
Event based controlMarius StanicaABB10
Link aggregationMarius StanicaABB10
Review of minutesJosef DorrSiemens AG5

Wednesday: Track B: Generic TSN

8:00-12:00AM1 & AM2
P802.1CMde PAR & CSD, commentsJános FarkasEricsson
TSN over 802.3cg - status updateCraig GuntherCraig Gunther Consulting LLC15
P802.1DG PAR & CSD, commentsMike PottsGM
P802.1DF PAR & CSD, commentsTongtong WangHuawei
P802.1AX-Rev/D0.4 TG ballot comment resolution with Editor's reportStephen HaddockStephen Haddock Consulting, LLC120

Wednesday: TSN with IEC/IEEE 60802

(single track)

Recap past daysLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
Next steps on Conformity AssessmentSteve ZuponicRockwell Automation20
next meetingsLudwig WinkelSiemens AG5
János FarkasEricsson
Timeline 60802Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG10
Identify and discuss IEEE 802 gaps for TSN-IA profileLudwig WinkelSiemens AG45
János FarkasEricsson
Review of minutes Josef DorrSiemens AG15

Thursday: TSN

(single track)

8:00-12:30AM1 & AM2
Privacy considerations for bridged networks; with a presentationMick SeamanMick Seaman30
outgoing liaisons, e.g., responses to:30
ITU-T Q13/15 TSN for fronthaul
SG15 YANG coord
Avnu Alliance
P802.1AX-Rev/D0.4 TG ballot comment resolution with Editor's reportStephen HaddockStephen Haddock Consulting, LLC
P802.1CS/D1.6 TG ballot comment resolutionNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd30
P802.1Qcz design topicsPaul CongdonHuawei 60

Deferred presentations

Contribution to P802.1Qcz Recovery of Congestion IsolationYolanda YuHuawei
Contribution to P802.1Qdd: Reservation for Stream with flow aggregation using interleavingFeng ChenSiemens AG
New work proposal: Summary of Enhancement considerations for flexible factories with wireless links and Gap analysis in 1Qcc for enhanced mechanism for Flexible FactoriesKenichi MaruhashiNEC
Yoshihisa KondoATR
New work proposal: Support for per-Port Multiple Instances of ECP in 802.1QFeng ChenSiemens AG