May 2018 Interim Session in Pittsburgh, PA, USA – TSN TG Agenda

Agenda overview

AM1TSNMTNwhole TSN with 60802Track A: 60802Track Bwhole TSN with 60802
(single track whole day)
(starts 9:30)
Track A: 60802Track B

More detailed overview of the meeting week is available here.

Monday: TSN (single track)

(Monongahela – 17th Floor)

intro , participation
János FarkasEricsson20
P802.1AS-Rev/D7.0 WG ballot comment resolution Geoff GarnerHuawei400
18:00-19:00P802.1Qcz - Congestion isolation overview/updatePaul CongdonHuawei / Tallac30
Responses to Qcz analysis in MarchJesús Escudero SahuquilloUniversity of Castilla La Mancha30

Tuesday: TSN (single track)

(Monongahela – 17th Floor)

9:30 - 18:00802.1CM updateJános FarkasEricsson10
P802.1Qcc/D2.3 ballot comment resolutionRodney CummingsNational Instruments30
P802.1CS/D1.4 ballot comment resolutionNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd90
P802.1Qcr/D0.4 ballot comment resolution, restructuring, PAR modification, etc.Johannes SpechtUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, General Motors200

Wednesday: TSN with 60802

(Monongahela – 17th Floor)

Welcome, intro, participation, organizational issues
Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG60
János FarkasEricsson
IETF 103 & November IEEE 802 PlenaryJános FarkasEricsson10
Status of 60802Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
IEC/IEEE 60802 cooperation processLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
Status of use casesJosef DorrSiemens AG25
NEA Accumulated Latency update Jordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.15
PI industrial guidelinesGünter SteindlSiemens AG15
Joint TSN/IEC/DetNet meeting in Bangkok?Norman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd10
Continue discussion of Taro's contributionTaro HarimaMitshubisi Electric40

Wednesday: Track A: 60802

(Frick – Conference Level)

AM2 & PMComments on the use cases documentMarius StanicaABB270
Josef DorrSiemens AG
Comments on IEC65c-preCD-rev6p0Graeme WoodBSI30
Review of minutes of the dayJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.10

Wednesday: Track B

(Monongahela – 17th Floor)

AM2 & PMP802.1Qcp updateMarc HolnessCiena15
P802.1Qcx updateMarc HolnessCiena15
P802.1ABcu updateScott MansfieldEricsson10
YANGsters updateScott MansfieldEricsson15
P802.1CS/D1.4 ballot comment resolution; TCP and HellosNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd60
P802.1Qcr/D0.4 ballot comment resolution, restructuringJohannes SpechtUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, General Motors120
P802.1Qcy/D2.1 ballot comment resolution Paul BottorffAruba45

Thursday: Track A: 60802

(Frick – Conference Level)

AM & PMReview agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
Policy Based ConfigurationMark HantelRockwell Automation45
Finalize use case document Ed1Josef DorrSiemens AG15
Use cases and requirementsJosef DorrSiemens AG80
TSN system requirementsMarius StanicaABB60
Improving the requirements based on use casesJosef DorrSiemens AG240
Finalize requirement list Ed1Josef DorrSiemens AG40
Review of minutes of the dayJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.20

Thursday: Track B

(Monongahela – 17th Floor)

AM & PMP802.1AX-Rev/D0.3 comment resolutionStephen HaddockStephen Haddock Consulting LLC150
P802.1Qcy/D2.1 ballot comment resolution Paul BottorffAruba15
PAR/CSD development for RAPFeng ChenSiemens AG130
Congestion Isolation goals and motivationBarak GafniMellanox15
P802.1Qcz New Simulation resultsSam SunHuawei15
P802.1Qcz PAR/CSD reviewPaul CongdonHuawei / Tallac25
P802.1Qcr PAR modification and comment resolutionJohannes SpechtUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, General Motors10
P802.1DC suggested textNorman FinnHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd20
Quality of Service for PLCADon PannellNXP60
P802.1AS-Rev/D7.0 WG ballot comment resolution, some commentsGeoff GarnerHuawei30

Friday: TSN with 60802 (single track)

(Monongahela 17th Floor)

AM & PMReview agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
Recap past 2 daysLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
Next meetings, e.g., FrankfurtLudwig WinkelSiemens AG60
János FarkasEricsson
General considerations about standardsLudwig WinkelSiemens AG30
WorkflowLudwig WinkelSiemens AG30
Flexible Factory IoT (FFIoT) approach to TSNNader ZeinNEC Labs Europe45
Technical discussions to prepare the draftGünter SteindlSiemens AG60
Identify and discuss IEEE 802 gaps for 60802Ludwig WinkelSiemens AG5
János FarkasEricsson
WorkplanLudwig WinkelSiemens AG15
Summary of the 3 daysLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
P802.1Qdd PAR/CSDFeng ChenSiemens AG
P802.1AS-RevGeoff GarnerHuawei