802.1CS-2020/Cor1 – Corrigendum to IEEE Standard 802.1CS-2020

The full title of this corrigendum is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks–Link-local Registration Protocol – Corrigendum 1 Corrections to YANG Data Mode”.

The scope of the complete standard specifies protocols, procedures, and managed objects for a Link-local Registration Protocol (LRP) to replicate a registration database from one end to the other of a point-to-point link and to replicate changes to parts of that database. A facility is provided to purge the replicated database if the source becomes unresponsive. Provision is made for a proxy system to operate LRP on behalf of a controlled system. LRP is optimized for databases on the order of 1 Mbyte.

The scope of proposed changes includes correcting errors in the YANG module. No new functionality will be defined.

The purpose of this standard is to specify LRP which is designed to facilitate the creation of applications that distribute information through all or part of a network.

This project is needed because the IEEE 802.1 maintenance activity has identified a small number of
corrections to the YANG data model that are needed in order to correct technical and/or editorial errors. The corrigendum will correct these errors..

Current Status

Status Project approved
Current Draft 
PAR  PAR (Approved: 21 Sept 2022; Expires: 31 Dec 2026)
Editor  Norm Finn


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