Maintenance TG Electronic Meeting Agenda – February 21, 2023 – 11 AM ET

The Maintenance Task Group agenda gives precedence to formally submitted maintenance requests on published standards, approved projects, PAR (Project Authorization Request) development previously approved by 802.1, and other matters arising, in that order.

Requests for agenda items or time to present should be emailed to the Task Group chair Paul Congdon. Each presentation must be uploaded to the 802.1 file server and accessible to meeting or conference call attendees before the presentation begins.

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    • Meeting number (access code): 2345 742 2252
    • Meeting password: LetsFixBugs
  • IMAT: Link

Agenda (Electronic Meeting February 21, 2023 – 11 AM ET)

  • Meeting introduction
  • Approval of agenda
  • Liaison for IETF RFC 7042bis – Paul Congdon
  • New Maintenance Requests
    • 0352: “when” statements in augments should use derived-from-or-self
    • 0353: update to yang 1.1 so “when” statements in augments can use derived-from-or-self
    • 0356: StreamID correlation of req-resp insufficient
    • 0357: StreamID consistency between Data-Transport and Configuration
  • Existing Maintenance Requests
    • 0242: IEEE Std 802.1Qcp-2018: Collected YANG issues – Johannes Specht
    • 0248: Managed objects for ECP in 802.1Q-2018 – Norman Finn
    • 0314: network media and PHY – Johannes Specht
    • 0324: Use of Tick in List Execute state machine (802.1Q) – Max Turner
    • 0340: Misleading details on ATS MaxResidenceTime – Max Turner
    • 0342: StreamID, StreamID Group, StreamID TLV – Max Turner – Contribution
    • 0343: Handling of stream_handle in Active Stream – Max Turner
    • 0344: Handling of R-TAG in IP Stream Identification – Max Turner – Contribution – Norm Finn
  • Any Other Business

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