July 2024 Plenary Session – Maintenance TG Agenda

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Chair to advise:

  • IEEE’s Patent Policy is described in Clause 6 of the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws.
  • Early identification of patent claims which may be essential for the use of standards under development is strongly encouraged.
  • There may be Essential Patent Claims of which IEEE is not aware. Additionally, neither IEEE, the WG, nor the WG Chair can ensure the accuracy or completeness of any assurance or whether any such assurance is, in fact, of a Patent Claim that is essential for the use of the standard under development.
  • IEEE SA’s copyright policy is described in Clause 7 of the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws and Clause 6.1 of the IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual.
  • Any material submitted during standards development, whether verbal, recorded, or in written form, is a Contribution and shall comply with the IEEE SA Copyright Policy.

The Maintenance Task Group agenda typically gives precedence to formally submitted maintenance requests on published standards, approved projects, Project Authorization Request (PAR)/Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) development previously approved by 802.1, and other matters arising, in that order.

Requests for agenda items or time to present should be emailed to the Maintenance Task Group Chair Mark Hantel. Each presentation must be uploaded to the 802.1 file server and accessible to meeting attendees before the presentation begins.

The 802.1 calendar includes access details for these meetings. Times for discussion of specific subjects are subject to change, and will be reviewed at the start of plenary and interim sessions, do not use to plan your meeting attendance without further consultation.

Mixed-mode meeting guidelines:

  1. Please RECORD YOUR ATTENDANCE via IMAT during the time interval announced for the meeting. This is essential for minute taking.
  2. Please mute yourself when you are not speaking
  3. When signing into Webex for the first time (see the instructions on slide 6), please provide your first and last name followed by your affiliation e.g. in [square brackets] as in e.g. John Smith [Plumbers Co.]
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Monday Jul 15, 2024 meeting – 13:30-15:30 ET – P802-REVc

Tuesday Jul 16, 2024 meeting – 8:00-10:00 ET


  • Location: Salon 4/5 – Level 2, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel
  • Webex: Link
  • Meeting number (access code): 2344 722 5651
  • Meeting password: Montreal
  • IMAT: Link


  • Meeting introduction
  • Approval of agenda
  • Maintenance Project Status
  • Comment Review on 802 PARs Under Consideration
    • 802.11-2024 – Standard – Wireless LANs, PAR Revision
    • 802.11bf – Amendment – Enhancements for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Sensing, PAR Extension
    • 802.16t – Amendment – Fixed and Mobile Wireless Access in Narrowband Channels, PAR Extension
    • 802.15.4ae – Amendment – Ascon cryptographic algorithms, PAR and CSD
    • 802.15.9a – Amendment – Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Over COSE (EDHOC) KMP, PAR and CSD
  • Liaison Activity – Karen Randall
    • Review of Liaisons sent as a result of the March Plenary
    • Incoming
      • Liaison from IEC TC57/WG15 – Liaison letter to ask for collaboration on MACsec profiles
      • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 Received comment on IEEE Std 802f-2023
      • LS 156 on work items related to deterministic networking in ITU-T SG13.
      • Liaison – lnvitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap
    • Outgoing
      • Response to the ballot comments on IEEE 802f from ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6
  • PAR Review
    • P802.1CB-2017-Revision
  • Review of Maintenance Motions
  • Review of Outstanding Maintenance Items and next steps
    • 0314 – network media and PHY
    • 0363 – IEEE 802.1Q-2022 maximum SDU size
    • 0366 – On Allowing non-scheduled interfaces
    • 0368 – 802.1CS: MIB objects of SYNTAX InetAddress causing warnings
    • 0369 – Maintenance Requests to IEEE802.1AS-2020  
    • 0370 – bridge-port augmentation maintenance item
    • 0371 – Mix of names for the same variable in a state machine
    • 0372 – Parameter Name: MLME-FINETIMINGMSMTRQ.indication incorrect
  • Any Other Business

Wednesday Jul 17, 2024 meeting – 8:00-10:00 ET – P802-REVc