July 2023 Plenary Session – Maintenance TG Agenda

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The Maintenance Task Group agenda gives precedence to formally submitted maintenance requests on published standards, approved projects, PAR (Project Authorization Request) development previously approved by 802.1, and other matters arising, in that order.

Requests for agenda items or time to present should be emailed to the Working Group vice chair. Each presentation must be uploaded to the 802.1 file server and accessible to meeting or conference call attendees before the presentation begins.


Agenda (Tuesday – 11 July 2023 – 8:00 CEST)


  • Location: “Paris” meeting room
  • WebEx: Link
    • Meeting number (access code): 2334 940 2941
    • Meeting password: Berlin
  • IMAT: Link


  • Meeting introduction – Jessy Rouyer
  • Approval of agenda – Jessy Rouyer
  • Maintenance Project Status – Jessy Rouyer
  • Review of Maintenance Motions – Jessy Rouyer
  • 802 PARs Under Consideration – Jessy Rouyer
    • 802.11bn – Amendment: Enhancements for Ultra High Reliability, PAR and CSD
  • Liaison Activity – Karen Randall
    • Outgoing
      • Liaison to ITU-T JCA on IMT2020 roadmap: TBD
      • Liaison to ITU-T SG15 on OTNT SWP: TBD
      • Liaison to SC6 responses to ballot comments on IEEE 802.1ACct, IEEE 802.1BA and IEEE 802.1Q
  • P802.1CS-2020/Cor1 Comment Resolution – Norman Finn
  • SC6 Status – Karen Randall
    • Review proposed responses to ballot comments received on FDIS ballots of IEEE 802.1ACct, IEEE 802.1BA and the Committee Internal Ballot (CIB) of IEEE 802.1Q
  • Document Vehicle Status – Jessy Rouyer
  • New Maintenance Requests – Jessy Rouyer
    •  0362: IEEE 802.1AS REVISION REQUEST on Invoking the MDpDelay SMs w/o CMLDS – Max Turner – contribution
  • Existing Maintenance Requests – Jessy Rouyer
    • 0242: IEEE Std 802.1Qcp-2018: Collected YANG issues – Johannes Specht
    • 0248: Managed objects for ECP in 802.1Q-2018 – Norman Finn
    • 0312: Stream ID as a Key for YANG lists – Don Fedyk
    • 0314: network media and PHY – Johannes Specht
    • 0343: Handling of stream_handle in Active Stream – Max Turner
    • 0360: syncReceiptTimeout and announceReceiptTimeout need range specified – Geoff Garner
    • 0361: Add a managed object to control the use of signal – Guenter Steindl
  • Any Other Business

Agenda (Wednesday – 12 July 2023 – 8:00 CEST)


  • Location: Room 7
  • WebEx: Link
    • Meeting number (access code): 2338 303 7061
    • Meeting password: Berlin
  • IMAT: Link


  • Meeting introduction – Jessy Rouyer
  • Approval of agenda – Jessy Rouyer
  • P802-REVc comment resolution – James Gilb
  • Unaddressed agenda items from 11 July 2023 – Jessy Rouyer
  • Any Other Business

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