Draft Agenda: Nendica/NEA Joint Ad Hoc on Cut-Through Forwarding 2022-04-27

  • 2022-04-27 12:00 ET (1 hour)
  • electronic only [connect to Webex]
  • Meeting number (access code): 2343 077 2279
  • Meeting password: cutter
  • Meeting open to anyone (no fee or pre-registration)
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    Draft Agendaagenda fileLewis
    Note: Identify secretary This week’s secretary: Marks
    Note:Meeting Introductionsee material at link, as provided before the meetingMeeting Introduction Slides 
    Note:Membership: all participate as members   
    Note:AttendanceRegister attendance and affiliation (IEEE web account required) using IMAT; if unable to do so, to promptly provide name and affiliation to the minute takerLog Attendance using IMAT here (802.1)
    (802.3, using code “******”)
    Note:802.3 NEA CTF: CTF concernscontributionPeter Jones
    Note:third Nendica/NEA joint CTF ad hoc meetingMay 4 09:00 ET
    Note:any additional Nendica/NEA joint CTF ad hoc meetings