January 2021 Interim Session (Electronic) – Nendica Agenda

Draft Agenda, Nendica Teleconference

Topic Subtopic Subtopic Detail Doc/Link Type* Lead min
1. Opening Call to Order 1
Identify secretary 1
Meeting Guidelines, Copyright Policy, Attendance see material at link, as provided in the agenda before the meeting Meeting Introduction Slides I 3
Membership: all participate as members I 1
IEEE ICCOM requirements IEEE ICCOM requirements I 1
Attendance Register attendance and affiliation (IEEE web account required) Log Attendance using IMAT here I 1
Nendica Procedures Nendica Procedures I 1
2. Approval of Agenda any modifications to the draft agenda To approve the agenda as displayed V 1
3. Update I
Nendica Web Site Nendica Web Site I 1
Nendica Mentor Server Nendica Mentor Server I 1
4. Minutes 5
To approve the Minutes of the Nendica meeting held 2021-01-14 https://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=STDS-802-1-MINUTES;a71ad4a1.21 A
5. Stream and Flow Interworking report Stream and Flow Interworking [SFI] I Marks 2
6. Data Center Networks contributions Data Centers Networks [DCN] Congdon 90
Contribution: Pre-Draft DCN Report


see also:


[draft] Motion To adopt 802.1-20-0030-14, <https://mentor.ieee.org/802.1/dcn/20/1-20-0030-14-ICne.pdf> subject to changes agreed, as a Draft Nendica Report and issue a 30-day Call for Comments A
Plans D
7. Study Items 0
8. Future Meetings 2
next meeting one week hence; could defer if too soon I,D
future telecons see web site I,D
9. Any other Business
Any other business I,D 5
*I=Information D=Discussion A=Action V=Vote/Decision