Agenda: IEEE 802 Nendica Meeting at Wireless Interim

Draft Agenda, Nendica Meeting, 2020-01-15 (Irvine)
TopicSubtopicSubtopic DetailDoc/LinkType*Leadmin
InformationDate/time2020-01-15 13:30Santiago Room, Hotel Irvine
Remote connectivity available upon request to the Nendica Chair at least 24 hours in advance.Note: Meeting open to anyone interested Marks
OpeningCall to Order1
Identify meeting secretaryMax Riegel1
Guidelines for IEEE-SA MeetingsGuidelines for IEEE-SA MeetingsI1
IEEE SA ParticipationIEEE SA Participation slidesI1
IEEE SA Copyright PolicyIEEE SA Copyright slides1
IEEE 802 ParticipationIEEE 802 Participation slidesI1
IEEE ICCOM requirementsIEEE ICCOM requirementsI1
Nendica ProceduresNendica ProceduresI1
Agenda Reviewany modifications to the draft agendaTo approve the agenda as displayedV1
Nendica Web Site Nendica Web Site I1
Nendica Mentor Server Nendica Mentor Server I1
Membership: noneI0
AttendanceOnsite? Register with 802 IMATOffsite? Register attendance hereI2
Nendica Meeting Overview802.1-20-0003-00IMarks1
Review the following minutes documents: 802.1-19-0084-00 (2019-11-12/14); also telecon minutes802.1-19-0084-00D
Work Items
Flexible Factory IoT (FFIoT)Report, progress, comment resolutionI3
Study Items
Study Item: Managed LAN as a Service [MLaaS]ReportI2
Work Item Followup
New Topics80
IEEE 802 Nendica Work Item Proposal: Revision of “The Lossless Network for Data Centers”802.1-20-0002-00D
IEEE 802 Nendica Work Item Proposal: Network Streams and Flows802.1-20-0004-00D
Future Meetings
in-person: Geneva (IEEE 802 Plenary) Week of 2020-01-20draft agendaD2
in-person: Atlanta (IEEE 802 Plenary) Week of 2020-03-16agenda to be determined based on Geneva sessionD2
teleconsto be determined in GenevaI1
New Business
Any other businessI,D5
*I=Information D=Discussion A=Action V=Vote/Decision115